Septic Tank Maintenance Servicing by Bioseptic

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In order for your Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS) to maintain optimum performance, NSW Health requires that your AWTS is serviced every three months. When you purchase a BioSeptic wastewater treatment system, the first year’s service is included in the price.

Ongoing service of a BioSeptic system is an extensive process of checks and tests performed by trained BioSeptic technicians to ensure each BioSeptic system is operating correctly after every service. We know our systems inside-and-out, so we are are able to solve any issues quickly and without hassle.
BioSeptic Septic Tank Maintenance Servicing

BioSeptic Septic Tank Maintenance TeamThe following items will be checked at each 3-monthly service:

  • the efficiency of the chlorinator
  • the chlorine tablets, replenishing as required
  • the irrigation pump
  • the operation of the blower (including cleaning the blower filter)
  • the efficiency of the sludge and skimmer return system
  • the condition of all pipes and hoses
  • the efficiency of the irrigation sprays

The following items will be tested at each 3-monthly service:

  • the high level water alarm
  • the low air alarm
  • the clarity of the water
  • the pH level of the water
  • the free residual chlorine level

The following annual check and test will be performed:

  • observation of sludge accumulation in the septic tank

We’re committed to serving and supporting you long after your tank has been installed. Our dedicated service division is staffed by technicians keen to help you. Calls made outside business hours are captured by our paging service with a response made in the morning of the following business day. On weekends, we will return your call to discuss any problem you may have with your system.

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