Sewage Pump Station

A BioSeptic sewage pump station is a pressure sewer system that is suitable for domestic housing developments and small commercial applications. In areas where homes cannot connect directly to the public sewer it will pump household sewage to the public sewer.

pump_stationWhere can a BioSeptic sewage pump station be used?

  • In a residential home or small commercial applications
  • In an estate where there is no fall to the septic tank
  • When a bathroom is situated in a cellar
  • Anywhere a riser main is required

Quality Assurance and Accreditation

The pump station is manufactured under the highest standards and utilises The Martins Group’s concrete manufacturing expertise and experience.

  • Manufactured and Accredited to AS/NZS 1546.1:2008 – Septic Tanks
  • Quality assured by SAI Global Lic. No SMKH21556
  • Accredited by the NSW Department of Health – Certificate of Accreditation SEPS 016

Each pump station is made from 40MPa steel fibre reinforced concrete and is backed by a thirty year warranty.

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