harvesting rainwater

17 Oct 2022 / Water Tanks

Harvesting Rainwater

Water is the most essential commodity for life. People have built their settlements based on water availability since the beginning of time. However, the rapid growth of urban centres and cities like Sydney puts a strain on natural water reserves. While municipalities do their best to supply water to all their residents, factors out of their control can lead to shortages. These include prolonged drought, extreme heat, water contamination and a range of logistical challenges.

Water supply uncertainties in several parts of the country have made people invest in water storage tanks. Water tanks give you some degree of freedom from the volatility of water supply, especially during crises. However, they can take up a lot of square footage. To save space, many people are installing underground water tanks in Sydney. This article looks into some of the main benefits you can enjoy by saving space and water with underground concrete tanks.

Enjoy Better Views

Underground water tanks allow you to enjoy uninterrupted views of your property, neighbourhood and environment. This is very valuable if you have a small yard.

Many people find greenery to be very therapeutic. Yet, if faced with a choice between water security and a great view, water security will always win. Underground water tanks allow you to enjoy both options. They save you from compromising the quality of your view.

Alternative uses for your yard

Installing an underground concrete tank allows you to repurpose your yard. Concrete is one of the strongest building materials available. Depending on how your tank is built, you may not have any limitations on how to use the space on top of it.

At Sydney Water Tanks, we can provide you with underground tanks that work well with any function you have in mind for your yard. With our tanks, you can host parties, plant a vegetable garden or even install an outdoor kitchen in your yard. If you don’t want to build any structures, you can use it as a safe play area for your kids and pets.

Adds Value to Your Property

Extra water storage is a valuable addition to any house. Underground water tanks are very appealing if you plan to resell your house. This is because they rarely interfere with any design modification plans. Your tank can give you a competitive edge over other sellers in the market.

Water-Saving Benefits of Underground Concrete Tanks

Lower Utility Bills

You can easily connect a rainwater harvesting system to your underground water tank. This allows you to collect and use free water any time you want. You can water your lawns, wash your driveway or fill up your pool at no extra cost. You will not need to worry about monthly water bills or the rising municipal levies ever again.

Reserve Water Supply

You can fill your underground water tank in the rainy seasons and use your reserves during sporadic water shortages. Sporadic shortages can be caused by burst pipes and other logistical challenges. Reserve water supply frees you from the pressure your neighbours may be facing to find water. With a well-sized tank, your reserves could keep you hydrated until the water supply crisis can be averted.

While saving space and water, underground tanks teach you to be more conservative. When using piped water, you can’t know when it is about to run out. Yet, you can see the water levels in your tank every time you use it. This can make you more conscious of the environment and motivate you to find ways to save and recycle water.