Keeping up with Your Septic Tank Servicing and Maintenance Requirements When You Have an AWTS

When you live in an area that is not serviced by a municipal sewage system such as Sydney Water or Hunter Water an aerated wastewater treatment system (AWTS) can deliver many benefits, not least that it allows you to use your treated wastewater to water your garden. By investing in an AWTS, you can reduce your reliance on city water, slash your monthly water bill, preserve your landscaping, and do your part to protect the environment—all at the same time.

However just like your motor car an AWTS requires maintenance and servicing. With an AWTS, regular septic tank maintenance is not just recommended, but legally mandated. In accordance with NSW Health, all homeowners using AWTS installations must schedule septic tank servicing every three months. This quarterly septic tank service is meant to make sure that the septic system is still operating correctly and that the water it treats is safe for use in gardening and irrigation.

Count on BioSeptic Sewage Systems for Your Ongoing Septic Tank Service

At BioSeptic, we can help you maintain a consistent and compliant schedule for your septic tank maintenance. Our team is qualified to service a range of AWTS installations. We offer maintenance services not just for the septic systems that we provide, but also for AWTS installations from other brands—such as Ultraclear, Biocycle, Econcycle, and Envirocycle. Give us a call and ask if our team can service your AWTS.

While BioSeptic is happy to service AWTS installations from a range of different brands, we remain thoroughly committed to our own installations and the customers that have invested in them. Every time we install a new AWTS, we offer a year’s worth of septic tanks maintenance on a complimentary basis. In other words, when you buy a septic tank from us, you get four routine service checks included in the price of the installation. Of course, even after your year of built-in service runs out, we will send you a service renewal agreement for the next year to continue the three monthly servicing required by the local council.

The septic tank maintenance process is detailed to the point of being comprehensive. When you call BioSeptic for a service, we will inspect every aspect of your AWTS, including the chlorinator, the irrigation pump, the pipes and hoses and the water itself. If there are any problems with your system, you can count on us to provide the necessary repairs. Our septic tank service vehicles are stocked with a comprehensive stock of spare parts, making it easy for our technicians to perform simple fixes in just a matter of minutes.

Call BioSeptic for Your Septic Tanks Maintenance in NSW

Aerated wastewater treatment systems deliver many benefits including septic tank performance, monetary savings, and environmental protection. While staying compliant with NSW Health’s quarterly septic tank servicing requirement can be something of a hassle, BioSeptic can make the process easy and manageable. Our company has been in business for 24 years, so even after your complimentary first year of septic tank maintenance ends, you can count on us to be there to provide the routine servicing your AWTS requires.

Are you interested in learning more about how BioSeptic simplifies the AWTS septic tank service process? Give us a call on 1300 658 111.