Don’t Put Off Septic System Servicing Until It’s Too Late

There are many benefits to choosing an aerated wastewater treatment system or AWTS as your private water treatment solution. Economical and environmentally friendly, AWTS systems allow you to pay for your water once and use it twice by turning all your household liquid waste into odourless, clear water that you can use to irrigate your garden. Homeowners who choose AWTS systems such as the Performa 2000 can keep their lawns and gardens lush and blooming year-round with very little thought or effort.

However, while AWTS systems have many advantages, like any other household system there are a few simple things homeowners need to remember about proper septic system maintenance.

Worry-Free Septic Systems Maintenance

All septic systems require periodic maintenance. Septic systems maintenance includes regular checks on all the system components and pumping out every few years. For AWTS systems, the health department and local councils require that all system components be inspected once every three months. For the homeowner, this just involves scheduling an appointment with a trusted septic system service company, such as BioSeptic.

BioSeptic is a full-service septic system service company that has been in business for over twenty years. We pride ourselves on providing a quality product as well as quality service. For homeowners who choose to install an AWTS system with BioSeptic, we include the first year of septic system service inspections with the price of installation. We provide a multistep inspection that ensures the good working quality of all the alarms, pipes, hoses, filters and blowers with each visit.

We also top up the supply of chlorine tablets and provide chemical tests of free available chlorine, pH, and turbidity. We document each comprehensive septic inspection completed by our trained technicians with a full written report, and once a year, our technicians also check the level of sludge in the tank and make a recommendation as to when pumping of the tank should occur. The frequency of which septic tanks require pumping depends on the size of the household they serve and the amount of use they receive. With proper maintenance and inspections, Performa AWTS systems can be pumped out as infrequently as every five to ten years.

In addition to scheduling the required quarterly inspections with an industry professional such as BioSeptic, homeowners can prolong the life of their septic system by following a few best practices every day. These include using biodegradable and septic-safe toilet paper and detergents, avoiding putting harsh chemicals down the drain, and, where possible, installing a grease or hair trap to prevent clogs in your home’s plumbing.

Septic System Maintenance with Our Team Is Easy and Hassle-Free

Our full-service team at BioSeptic sewage systems is simply the best when it comes to septic systems. Maintenance is scheduled promptly when you call our number. Should problems arise with your BioSeptic AWTS, our full-service company has technicians on hand to help resolve any issue and provide advice. We look forward to providing you with the quality, septic system service we have been providing for over twenty years.

BioSeptic technicians are full time employees not sub-contractors

All BioSeptic technicians are full time employees and not sub-contractors. This means they work as long as necessary and not to a price or time to service your AWTS. The longer our technicians are working on site the more money they might earn. Like all industries there are often two levels of service, the quick cursory inspection and quick top up of the chlorine canisters or a more in depth inspection to clear excess biomass from the chambers, cleaning of the filters, adjusting the aeration system to maximise the oxidation of the wastewater, adjustment of the sludge returns and many other items.

Compare this with some independent service providers that just top up the chlorine and move on as they are not manufacturers who have a reputation to preserve.