Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS)

The Bioseptic AWTS is essentially a compact sewage treatment plant designed for on-site use. It safely processes all household waste water and recycles it for use in the garden. The benefits to you are numerous, the best of which being that your waste water is immediately treated and recycled at home, rather than having to be moved to a treatment plant.


Our waste water treatment systems will efficiently recycle all of your waste water so that you can use it twice, saving money and benefit- ing the environment. We have been delivering high-quality AWTSs to thousands of happy customers for many years, from suburban homes to large factories. Our most popular system is the Performa model which, with a capacity of 2100 litres per day, is the ideal household sewage treatment system. Of course, should you need something larger for your premises, we can manufacture exactly what you need. We’re used to working with larger premises such as hotels and offices.

Our systems are made of reinforced concrete and don’t contain any plastic components, making them ideal for bushfire-prone areas. We also ensure that all our systems are extremely energy efficient. As an example, the blowers use on average just 43 watts of energy. So, with a Bioseptic AWTS, you can enjoy a environmentally friendly solution to your waste water problems, save energy and reduce your household bills all at the same time.

Performa (2100 Litres/Day)

The Performa is our most popular concrete septic tank system. The Performa is installed in over 7000 households, is accredited by NSW Health for an average home, and treats up to 2000 litres per day.

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Jumbo (3500 Litres/Day)

The Jumbo is the ideal septic tank treatment system to treat wastewater from larger homes and dual occupancies. The Jumbo is a two-tank system that will treat up to 3500 litres per day.

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Entertainer (4500 Litres/Day)

The Entertainer is the perfect system to treat wastewater from larger facilities with fluctuating wastewater loads such as conference centres, small schools, childcare centres, camping grounds, and reception venues. The Entertainer is a three-tank system that will treat up to 4500 litres per day.

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Hi-Flo (7000 Litres/Day)

The Hi-Flo is the ideal system to treat the wastewater from major developments such as schools, malls, resorts, camping grounds, hotels, factories, and clubs. The Hi-Flo is a three-tank system that will treat up to 7000 litres per day.

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Pump Station (To Sewer)

A specialised concrete water tank designed for low volume use where there is insufficient fall or other obstacles preventing the installation of a gravity sewer.

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Pump Out (By Truck)

A specialised system designed for use where there is insufficient land to dispose of wastewater onsite and needs to be pumped out by a truck.

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For more information on how an AWTS can help you save money, please call our sales team on 1300 658 111. We will be happy to organise a site visit to chat about your options and provide detailed answers to your questions.