Take Advantage of Your Home’s Grey Water with Septic Systems That Allow for Easy Reuse

Every homeowner knows that managing their utility usage is important. Electricity is just one part of the equation, though. Water consumption can be expensive, especially at high volumes. When you wash dishes, take a shower, or just run the sink, you pay for all that water going down the drain. Known as grey water because of its low level of contamination compared to water containing solid and liquid human waste, which is called black water, it isn’t potable — but it does have other uses. In fact, with the help of a black water septic system, you could re-use this water, reducing your personal environmental impact while saving on water fees at the same time. Particularly in times of drought, this system can be incredibly helpful.

At BioSeptic, we’ve spent the last two and a half decades refining our services and delivering high quality septic systems to our many clients. Now, with our advanced Aerated Wastewater Treatment System, also known as an AWTS, you can recycle waste water into reusable water and use it for lawn and garden applications. Imagine, no matter the time of year or the temperature outside; you could still have plenty of water to ensure your property stays green. How does this reusable water system work, and what level of service do we provide?

Protecting the Environment with blackwater Systems

It can be helpful to think of the AWTS as a miniature version of a major municipal water treatment plant. AWTSs are compact sewage treatment plants contained in concrete or plastic tanks that treat all the wastewater from a domestic house by an aeration process to reduce pollutants in the water. The treated water is usually sanitised before disposal through surface or subsurface irrigation. The vegetation in the disposal area completes the water cycle by transpiring the water to the atmosphere and utilising the residual nutrients for vegetative growth.

We bundle four quarterly services into the purchase price of every system. Every three months, experienced members of our team will arrive to inspect the tank and conduct the necessary maintenance. We protect your tank into the future, too, with a 30-year limited warranty. With robust construction from superior materials, we’re confident your systems will continue to provide efficient water recycling for years to come.

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With such an innovative product, taking over your own treatment with a black water septic systems has a host of benefits. Whether your goal is to do your bit for saving the planet, or simply to cut household costs, BioSeptic has the skills and knowledge necessary to help you. As your plants soak up the water treated on your property, they prevent minerals and nutrients from leaching into nearby rivers or streams. In other words, you don’t just gain benefits at home — you protect the land around your home, too. To learn more about our septic systems, please contact BioSeptic on 1300 658 111.