Life is busy enough; with so much to do, check, arrange and remember!

When it comes to excavation and drainage;

BioSeptic can eliminate the stress and hassle of coordinating multiple contractors and arrange everything for you.


BioSeptic can provide installation services for:

  • Excavation of tanks only or
  • Excavation and connection of the house to the tanks (drainage works)

Our excavator operator/licensed drainer has over fifteen years’ experience installing BioSeptic systems. Along with many years’ experience operating the crane truck that delivers your tank. He will happily:

  • Visit your site and work with you to choose the best location for the tanks
  • Decide the best way for the crane truck to enter the site or if a larger crane is required
  • Connect the tanks to the house, if drainage works are required
  • Backfill and level the area around the tanks
  • Leave the excavated material adjacent to the tanks, or moved to another part of the property, or removed from the site.
  • Offer a written detailed quotation

And if the tanks are to be used immediately he will arrange for our BioSeptic service team to provide the initial service so that the system is operational.

In short a full turnkey installation!

So call or email us today.

BIOSEPTIC Sewage Systems

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