Septic Tank Installation as The Solution to Your Wastewater Treatment Problems

Most people don’t like to think about what happens to the water and other materials they flush down the drain every day. However, for many people living far from centralised treatment facilities, domestic sewage treatment systems are a fact of life. The team at BioSeptic Sewage System seeks to make everything from septic tank selection to septic tank installation as easy as possible. We aim to provide a quality product along with quality service so that our customers can reap the benefits of our economic and environmentally responsible wastewater treatment systems without ever giving it a second thought.

Durable, Reliable Septic Tanks Installation

BioSeptic aerated wastewater treatment systems (AWTS) are ‘simply the best’ when it comes to providing quality water treatment. Our concrete septic tank installation is fast and worry free. Our full-service team is happy to provide friendly and knowledgeable assistance at every step, including preparing the necessary paperwork for permits and required environmental testing.

We have over thirty years of experience selling AWTS systems and have been in business as BioSeptic since 1992. NSW Heath has accredited our tanks for over two decades, and testing confirmed that our system removes 99.99% faecal coliforms (an indicator that pathogens are present) and meets or exceeds all other health requirements. Water leaving BioSeptic tanks is clear, odourless, and suitable for irrigating your garden.

BioSeptic relies on a 40mpa steel fibre reinforced concrete double tank system because we believe it is the most efficient and reliable solution for domestic sewage treatment. Our concrete septic tank installation has many advantages over plastic tanks. Our concrete tanks are strong, saving on the cost of backfill material at the time of septic tank installation. Concrete septic tank installation is a smart option for bush fire prone areas because unlike plastic tanks, they resist damage from fire. Concrete maintains a stable internal temperature as well, keeping the community of microbes responsible for treating your wastewater stress free and operating at their maximum capacity. We warrant our concrete tanks and internal chambers for thirty years starting from the date of septic tank installation.

An Australian Company That Cares

We care about the water quality entering public reservoirs in Australia, and for that reason, we make highly effective, long-lasting concrete tanks in Australia to protect the environment and serve our community. We service all of NSW and the ACT from our head office in Smeaton Grange, NSW.

Our company prides itself on holding all its employees to a high standard of ethics and integrity, providing exemplary service, and above all a quality product in which we believe.

Septic tanks installation should not seem like a complicated project. We are available by phone to set up an appointment for one our friendly BioSeptic team members to visit you and answer any questions you may have about our systems. Our in-house geotechnical environmental scientist and drafting team is available to help you acquire all the necessary environmental tests and paperwork before installation. High-quality concrete septic tank installation is just a call away. We look forward to serving you with the very best service and support.