Looking to Upgrade Your Home’s Existing Concrete Septic System? Here’s What You Need to Know about Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems

Like anything else, septic tanks don’t last forever. Eventually, there may come a time when your home’s old septic system needs replacing. When that time comes, you might consider investing in an aerated wastewater treatment system (AWTS) as your …read more.

Keeping up with Your Septic Tank Servicing and Maintenance Requirements When You Have an AWTS

When you live in an area that is not serviced by a municipal sewage system such as Sydney Water or Hunter Water an aerated wastewater treatment system (AWTS) can deliver many benefits, not least that it allows you to use your treated wastewater …read more.

Don’t Put Off Septic System Servicing Until It’s Too Late

There are many benefits to choosing an aerated wastewater treatment system or AWTS as your private water treatment solution. Economical and environmentally friendly, AWTS systems allow you to pay for your water once and use it twice by turning all your …read more.

Septic Tank Installation as The Solution to Your Wastewater Treatment Problems

Most people don’t like to think about what happens to the water and other materials they flush down the drain every day. However, for many people living far from centralised treatment facilities, domestic sewage treatment systems are a fact of …read more.

Install Long Lasting Concrete Sewage Tanks on Your Property for Better Waste Management

Waste management is a challenge on every property. Wherever humans live or work, waste naturally follows. A direct connection to municipal sewer systems and a pipeline from a water treatment facility isn’t always available. In other cases …read more.

Take Advantage of Your Home’s Grey Water with Septic Systems That Allow for Easy Reuse

Every homeowner knows that managing their utility usage is important. Electricity is just one part of the equation, though. Water consumption can be expensive, especially at high volumes. When you wash dishes, take a shower, or just run the sink, you pay …read more.