The Features and Benefits of BioSeptic Sewerage Systems

  • BioSeptic is an Australian company, producing Australian made wastewater systems. We understand your needs and build waste water treatment systems for Australian conditions.
  • BioSeptic waste water treatment systems will efficiently recycle all wastewater as clear, odourless water to irrigate the garden. This means you pay for your water once and use it twice, allowing you to be environmentally friendly while saving you money.
  • Our water treatment systems are made of 40mpa steel fibre reinforced concrete which strengthens with age and is an ideal material for bush fire prone areas. It also maintains a stable temperature, creating a good environment for bacterial activity. All of our tanks and internal chambers are constructed of concrete to AS 1546.1.
  • BioSeptic does not use plastic tanks or chambers. BioSeptic waste water systems have conditional warranties including 30 year warranty on the concrete tank and internal concrete chambers.
  • BioSeptic have one of the largest capacity wastewater systems available at 7000 litres. This water capacity provides a long retention time to ensure better waste water treatment. This can cater for parties and long term visitors.
  • A BioSeptic waste water system is so strongly built that it can be filled by turning on a tap in the house immediately upon installation. Your plumber does not have to spend hours filling each separate chamber to avoid chambers imploding as is the case with plastic systems.
  • BioSeptic’s concrete tanks can be backfilled with whatever material is excavated from the hole (except very large rocks). There is no need to purchase costly soft backfill material.
  • Energy efficient blowers and pumps will save you money. Our blowers now only use 43 watts, which is considerably lower than some other blowers in the market. This means that you are saving energy and reducing your costs.